About VPSBiT

Who are we?

VPSBiT was founded in 2015 by a coalition of hosting providers from Hong Kong, India and Lithuania.

Building on the resources and over 20 years experience of our founding companies, VPSBiT aims to offer a wide range of high performance VPS services, and exceptional value for money.


Our servers are located in Hong Kong, Lithuania, and USA. In 2016, we hope to launch further locations, including Taiwan, Panama, United Kingdom and Serbia.

Our offices are located in Hong Kong and Kaunas, Lithuania.

Network and Hardware and Virtualisation

As of 2015, all our VPS nodes consist of high end server grade hardware, mostly running Intel's Xeon E3 and E5 range of CPUs.

We manage our own multi-gigabit and multi-homed BGP network to ensure maximal control and flexibility. Our networks is also DDOS protected, utilizing DDOS scrubbers from Germany, Russia and USA. Our servers are all IPv6 ready!

We prefer Citrix Xen and is the default virtualisation technology deployed. However, we also have a number of Windows HyperV and Proxmox KVM nodes. For our highly scalable, and high availability cloud platform, we choose Odin's (Parallels) Cloud Server with integrated cloud storage.